The opinions of customers who have chosen Uania for their company

“With the UaniaBox device we were able to exploit the potential of two connections with ease. Thanks to the UaniaContinuity service we use a backup connection that is always ready to enter to optimise performance: we finally surf with continuity. The Uania solution has also allowed us to expose our services on a single IP address and has guaranteed us assistance always ready to clarify any problems”
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“With the UaniaBox Pro we were able to aggregate five FTTC connections within minutes thanks to the plug-and-play configuration. The Uania bandwidth aggregation solution also allowed us to exploit the static and dedicated IP address, which is crucial for our business and for our 4.0 infrastructure"
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"We chose to install UaniaBox Pro on site without having need to test it beforehand, because of the excellent relationship with our supplier. We immediately realised that Uania was the solution for us. for us. In a short time and without any interruption of service, the technicians installed the solution for us. The device allowed us to add to the connection we were using as well as a 4G data connection"
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"The solution of Uania band aggregation also enabled us to overcome the 4G cell congestion in the area, due to the large number of event participants, and to have 25/30Mbps of upload bandwidth. Thanks to UaniaBox, then, we were able to work directly along the shores of Lake Como, where the interviews were interviews were being carried out, without having to return to the press room after each each shot”
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"Having an interlocutor who clearly explained the operation of the device made it unnecessary to first test it in-house. Right from the start, UaniaBox Pro has actually improved our situation. To the two existing connections we were able to add and an LTE connection as well, all available with a public, static IP static IP provided by Uania, which was essential for our configurations"
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“Thanks to the UaniaBox Pro solution proposed to us by supplier Infonet Srl, we were able to add two connectivity different operators quickly and efficiently. The installation, which I personally supervised, was fast, especially thanks Infonet's experience, which always guaranteed support even in the days in the days following”
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"Today we surf at 170Mbps and 35Mbps upload, but above all we work without interruptions and with a backup line always up and running. Our technical partner Altairnet showed us a video of the Uania solution and we chose to buy it. UaniaBox has allowed us without any inconvenience to remodel our our connections by adding an LTE"
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“The installation of UaniaBox was easy and painless, as it did not caused no work interruptions or disruption to the line. We were also able to connect two more 4G modems in addition to the FTTC connection we already had. In addition, the UANIA technicians gave us optimal support for the first configuration, after which there was no need for any further intervention”
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The opinions of our partners who have chosen Uania as their business ally

"Uania has untied the hands of those like us can be both provider and IT, and I can state that it has become a huge value added value for our business".
"Today Uania is an integral part of our installations, because it represents the only certainty in the face of the needs of connectivity".
"The technology of Uania is an arrow important to the bow of solutions that as Netmaking propose to our customers".
"The Uania solution positively impresses even the most sceptical customers: within a few minutes they see their connection problems solved".

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