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UaniaShield is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) perimeter protection service that enables customers to protect their Internet traffic through enterprise-grade UTM technologies located in Uania’s datacenter

UaniaShield è un servizio di protezione perimetrale IaaS (infrastructure as a service) che consente di proteggere il traffico internet del cliente attraverso tecnologie UTM di fascia enterprise collocate nel datacenter di Uania

Comprehensive, simple and scalable protection 

UaniaShield makes it possible to protect the company’s Internet traffic without having to install a firewall in the network.

The protection is done through UaniaCloud using equipment with the highest licenses available on the market, to provide the customer with protection without any compromise. The filtered traffic is delivered directly to the static and dedicated public IP of the Uania solution, ensuring the highest possible security performance by entrusting the protection to one of the top vendors on the market.

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Network Firewalls


The AntiVirus service built into UaniaShield takes care of analyzing traffic,
to and from UaniaCloud, looking for potential viruses, spyware and other
Once found, the virus is blocked and the action is reported in the
monthly report in the platform.


The Web Filter service provides comprehensive protection from threats including ransomware, credential theft, phishing and other web-based attacks. It uses artificial intelligence-based behavior analysis and correlation to block unknown malicious URLs almost immediately, with almost zero false negatives.
The service also allows the user to decide which categories are allowed or not allowed and, if necessary, monitor them (traffic is accepted and tracked in the monthly report).


The DNS Filter service provides comprehensive protection from threats such as botnets, phishing, etc. by blocking domains with low reputation or malicious domains.
The service also allows the user to decide which categories are allowed or not allowed and, if necessary, monitor them (traffic is accepted and tracked in the monthly report).


The Application Control service allows you to restrict
or monitor access to categories or specific applications in an
simple and easy.


UaniaShield also allows inbound and outbound traffic to be restricted based on the degree of risk of the geographic origin of the IP address.


The IPS protection service prevents unauthorized intrusions to corporate systems. The system includes
several options of inspection engines, threat intelligence feeds and advanced threat protection to defend against these unknown threats.
The system protects against advanced and zero-day targeted attacks, ransomware and polymorphic malware.


The SSL inspection service takes care of analyzing and making sure that all SSL certificates used during browsing are authentic and secure.


The File protection service analyzes files transmitted to and from UaniaCloud blocking the malicious ones, it achieves this by combining with a dedicated SandBox.


UaniaShield makes it possible to generate a document that comprehensively and legibly summarizes the activity performed by the protection service.
UaniaShield’s reporting provides dealers and end users with an agile PDF to consult with a summary of attacks detected and blocked, vulnerabilities found and protected, malware, botnets and spyware recognized as well as details of sites blocked.

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