The Plug & Play bandwidth aggregation, business continuity and cybersecurity solution for speeding up the your company's internet

The Uania solution

Uania was created to meet the demands of business users who, due to their geographical location, cannot be reached by an affordable broadband service, fibre optic or otherwise.

The Uania solution enables an increase in bandwidth, and thus transmission speed, in all data transfer operations. The system allows several connections to be aggregated into one, with a single IP and with performance equal to the sum of the individual connection speeds. This represents a saving in cost and time, but above all an increase in productivity.

Uania has been designed to allow simple, fast and totally Plug&Play installation.

Band aggregation

The Uania solution consists of two elements, a hardware device ‘UaniaBox’ and a service at our data centre ‘UaniaCloud’, which work in synergy to achieve the benefit of aggregation.

UaniaBox receives at the input any type of connectivity over Ethernet or USB cable and provides at the output a line with a single IP address, with aggregated bandwidth.

In the example on the side, we can see 4 connectivities connected to the UaniaBox, an LTE providing 30 Mb/s, a vDSL providing 20 Mb/s, a Fibre FTTH/C providing 100 Mb/s and finally an FWA providing 50 Mb/s. The Uania solution allows aggregation into a single line with a maximum output speed of 200 Mb/s.

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Uania Solution    vs    Load Balancing

The Uania solution differs from common load balancing solutions by aggregating connected connectivity in a real way, surfing the Internet with a single public, static and dedicated IP address for each UaniaBox.

Unlike traditional load balancers, which only perform with protocols that support sending or receiving data by exploiting multiple connections, the Uania solution is completely independent of them, being able to aggregate any type of traffic.

Want to put us to the test?

Do you already have a load balancer installed and want to put it to the test? Try running a Speedtest by setting the test to SINGLE mode, a normal load balancer will only make you use one of the connectivities connected to it, on the contrary, the Uania solution will have no problem whatsoever in exploiting the bandwidth of all connectivities to the fullest.


10 Benefits for those who choose Uania

Uania Box

UaniaBox Pro

Uania Box  Pro

The Uania solution is scalable and adaptable to any business context.
The UaniaContinuity redundancy service and the wide variety of UaniaCloud bandwidth aggregation denominations, from 100 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps, allow flexibility in choosing the right solution for every need.
The UaniaShield service, then, which can be activated on every Uania device, makes it easy and effective to protect aggregated traffic.
Choose Uania starting with a simple question: how fast do you want to surf?

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The bandwidth aggregation, business continuity and cybersecurity solution for your company

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